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Encourage teenagers to practice investing in stocks and options using simulated trading platforms.
The annualized return appears attractive when trading options but they do carry risk.
Options are versatile financial instruments that can provide substantial profits when traded correctly.
Beyond a mere collection of traders, the trading club forms a cohesive community driven by a shared goal.
Practical ways to not only survive but thrive during a recession.
Paper trading, also known as virtual trading or simulated trading, is a method of practicing trading strategies.
One of the primary attractions of 0 DTE options trading is the potential for rapid profit accumulation.
Understanding how BITO operates and makes money requires a closer look at its underlying investment strategies.
In the competitive arena of online trading education, WarriorTrading.com and TastyLive.com stand out as prominent contenders.
Backtesting allows traders to simulate trades, measure performance metrics, and identify patterns or inefficiencies that can inform future trading decisions.
The first step in changing your money mindset is recognizing the limiting beliefs that hold you back.
Options trading offers a dynamic way to generate income. Join a community for guidance and start your financial empowerment journey.
I have been using Finviz.com for about a year now. What is Finviz?
Tastylive..com is a must-watch for anyone looking to master the art of options trading.
How BITO generates income to support its monthly dividend payments.
Tastylive distinguishes itself through its extensive library of educational materials.
So, you've stumbled upon Finviz in your quest for financial glory.
Today, transactions are executed with lightning speed through electronic systems.
Robinhood, the commission-free trading app that has democratized investing for millions.
Guest blogger explores discovering options trading for financial freedom, emphasizing the thrill of learning and its potential for increased financial independence.
The Morgan Stanley and ETRADE merger represents a transformative event in the wealth management industry.
Equip your kids with financial literacy essentials including introducing them to the concept of options.
With Dorian Trader member and guest blogger, Gordon Dew, consider this strategy that can generate profits in any market condition – up, down, or sideways.
In this article, receive a basic overview and examples of Probability of Profit, Delta and Probability of Touch.
Which category of trader are in? At Dorian Trader, we work with all of them, whether you're just learning to trade options for the first time, or if you're very experienced.
Learning to trade options can be a roller coaster. Go into it with eyes wide open by considering these three tidbits.
Learn from hours of options trading content on our YouTube channel. Our mentors teach you about trading strategies, the basics and demonstrate on live accounts.
So, here’s an interesting question.  What happens when you take a derivative of a derivative?  It sounds like either something out of The Big Short or Inception.
Oftentimes traders and investors get stuck where they have a position in the stock, or want to initiate one, but aren’t sure when the move will occur.
Anytime your forecast on an asset is for a near-term pull back, a short call spread is an easy way to make a quick profit.
The financial market landscape offers a wide assortment of financial products and services. A good part of the products can be found in the derivatives market.
If you’ve been trading options only on stocks, it’s time to branch out a little and learn how to make money in the futures market.
While option trading is most commonly associated with stocks, commodity futures also have a robust derivative market.

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