Get Started Trading Options

At The Dorian Way, new traders who come to us for mentoring often fall into two categories. We help people get started trading options.

Are You in Group 1?

Folks in Group 1 are those who have watched all of the free content about trading options on YouTube (like ours!) and perhaps still feel lost. They have scoured Investopia. These traders have even picked up a book or two on options that may or may not be sitting unopened on their bedside table (no judgment!). They may even have started trading a little but have not been successful at making winning trades. Group 1 traders have often spun their wheels long enough. They are motivated to get on a direct path to making money trading options.

Group 2, We’ll Help You Get Started Trading Options, Too!

Group 2 includes those who have pondered on the idea of trading options. Perhaps a friend or colleague is trading and has said what a great way trading options is to make primary or supplemental income (it is!). They come to us with a pretty straightforward question – “How do I get started trading options?” Group 2 members are typically open-minded and excited to learn a new, useful skill. 

With these groups front of mind, we launched a new seminar — Get Started Trading Options: An Online + Interactive Seminar for Beginners.


We believe strongly in the investment power of options. That’s why one of our business goals is to simply grow the number of people trading options. As such, much of our programming is aimed at doing just that— from webinars to Talk and Trade events and from one-on-one mentoring to self-paced learning in The Dorian Way School

Helping Traders Worldwide Get Started Trading Options

Since our founding, we’ve wanted to create a day-long conference for new traders. Then…COVID. We adapted. Instead of doing occasional online webinars, we were doing them full time. And wouldn’t you know, we’ve been able to connect with so many more new and experienced options traders online than we could have in person. In this regard, it was a win all around!

About the Seminar

Now, with this longer (4 hour) online + interactive seminar (plus bonus time at the end), we walk beginners, step-by-step, through how to get started trading options. The seminar includes the practical information you need to actually start making money trading options. Seminar attendees aren’t experts (yet!), but they learned the foundations and where to gain additional knowledge and support.

Seminar Sessions included:

  • Choosing Your Broker + Getting Set Up to Trade
  • The Fundamentals of Options – the call, the put + the options chain
  • Technical Analysis for English Majors
  • Placing Trades Demonstration – Fundamental Trading Strategies The Dorian Way
  • Top 10 Tips from an Options Trading Mentor
  • Extended Q & A with our options mentors

We offered multiple ticket levels to match the level of support attendees were looking for. The best part—all but the entry level ticket included an hour-long session with an experienced mentor.

We offered a follow up session with a mentor with most ticket packages. We know from experience that when you are learning in a seminar-type environment, questions don’t always come to you right away. Oftentimes, participants need to let the new information simmer. With a one-on-one follow-up session with a mentor your specific questions are answered. We say it all the time in The Dorian Way, but we’ll say it again—we want you to be successful trading options and we know how.

What’s more, this seminar provided an opportunity for a package deal at a great discount – access to the webinar plus a whole year of benefits of membership. The seminar helped us grow our community of traders!

Check out the full seminar replay! 

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