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No matter which membership package you choose, we provide value to your life and portfolio. Benefit from our personalized and multi-faceted approach to teaching the art and science of trading options on futures + stock.

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Dorian trader

Trading Club

The most popular membership package

Membership in The Dorian Way Trading Club is for everyone! For $200 per month, beginner through advanced options traders will benefit from the many membership highlights. More About Membership Benefits >>

1-on-1 onboarding
Access to course one and our video library in the Dorian School
Weekly small group teaching class called the beginners hub
Live morning market briefings and trade ideas
Wednesday & Sunday night teaching classes
Admission to The Trading Floor every Friday
Trade ideas emailed every Tuesday & Thursday
  911 emergency help
Cloud recordings of all live programing
Platform setup assistance
Unlimited questions via email, text, or phone
Complete access to member only Discord
Not sure what it all means?Watch this short video to hear more details.

Trading Training Cohort

A 3-month program designed to help participants take a deep dive into learning to trade options.

Want to learn to trade options but find you could use some built-in accountability? Need more guidance and personalized attention than you’re currently getting? Been trading but not making money? This program can help.

COHORT Includes:

  Everything offered in The Trading Club
  Membership in an exclusive, cohort-only Discord channel with monitoring by an options trading professional
  Weekly hourlong group session with an options trading professional (4 students max)
  Assignments each week targeted at helping you learn to trade confidently on your own
  Individual entry session to help you get setup with your tastytrade or Thinkorswim account
  Full access to the print money 7 DTE strategy course

The Disciplined Trader

Close guidance and coaching for those wanting to get serious about learning.

Learn one-on-one from a master options trader. This six-month program takes you from your ground-level options knowledge and helps you soar to new heights of confidence, understanding and portfolio performance. This uniquely-tailored program will set you on the path toward mastery. Program Details.

Benefits Include:

Weekly, hourlong individual session – over 25 hours of one-on-one coaching
All the benefits of the Trading Club
Free access to the 1 DTE and 7 DTE strategy courses
 Plus, courses two and three of The Dorian Way School
Two-Percent Per Month Goal Guarantee*

Apprenticeship Program

For those who are all-in on the options trading life

This membership has options mastery and portfolio performance as its primary goals. Start your yearlong journey with a visit from CEO + Founder, O’Brian Woods. Immerse yourself in instruction, learn the fundamentals and chart your path to mastery in this intensive program. Your expert guide is with you every step of the way. Program Details.

Benefits Includes:

14 hours of in-person instruction
One Weekly 1-on-1 Session with O’Brian for one hour – over 50 hours of individual coaching!
Access to every course in The Dorian Way School including the 0 DTE, 1 DTE, and 7 DTE courses
Five years of membership in The Trading Club included
Two-Percent Per Month Goal Guarantee*

Mentor Session

Need a little extra guidance on coursework in The Dorian Way School? Need a profitability assessment? A one-off session with a mentor can provide individualized help with protecting your stock portfolio or help you go in-depth and navigate options or portfolio concerns. Are you a member of the Trading Club? You receive 25% off!

$300 per hour

Need some help? Contact us, We will help you find a membership that is right for you.

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