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How it works

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Once you complete the sign up process we will contact you to have a conversation via GoToMeeting. During the conversation we will learn about your trading experience. We will discuss the mentoring program and what you should expect from our 1 on 1 meetings. We will schedule our 30 minute recurring meetings based on availability at the same time each week. If a set time can’t be made then rescheduling is possible. Our 1 on 1 meetings can be conducted during the day or night Monday thru Friday between 6am to 9pm CST. During our first 1 on 1 meeting we will setup your platform, review the Dorian Way trading process and put on your first live trade.


We will start learning by reviewing your trades. We will make adjustments, close out winning trades, and make new trades. This process will be completed in person or over GoToMeeting depending on your location and availability. This part of the course will help you learn through live 1 on 1 mentoring for 30 minute sessions.


We continue to learn by building a portfolio. All trades will represent the Dorian Way which is centered around initiating trades at a delta level, adjusting at a delta level and hedging at a delta level. The program is designed to teach you how to manage a portfolio like a hedge fund manager….Let’s get started!

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